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6' Texas Rig Decoy Line Kit (5 Dozen)

Price: $45.94
Item Number: TR-6-60
6' Texas Rig Decoy Lines Kit (5 Dozen)

After all the requests and rigs we have made for others, we decided to offer this great old time rigging system for shallow water duck hunting in a kit form. The Texas Rig is one of the quickest and easiest ways to deploy and retrieve single decoys we have ever used. This is the ideal system for the shallow lakes, flooded timber, and all other areas with a depth of 5' or less. We are offering two basic sizes of 4'  and 6'. Each is easy to work with but if you would like a longer depth we may be able to cut them to order.

Each kit contains 60 pre-cut sections of 400 lb. monofilament and 122 crimps. (I included 2 extra just in case). The crimps are 100% Aluminum and made for an unbelievable hold on monofilament.

To complete the rigging all you need to do is twist and crimp the loop, slide on the decoy and with the second crimp, secure the strap weight or weight of choice to the end. I will include detailed instructions with each order and a contact # for any further questions. We find it far cheaper for you to make your own decoy weights or purchase them locally rather then pay the extra shipping cost.

This product is far superior to tangle free or the typical decoy line you will get off the shelf. Once completed up to 3-dozen can be stored together with a carabineer securing them at the handles. We prefer to keep them clipped in one dozen groups for ease of placement in tighter potholes and flooded timber. After one time out you can easily place over 5-dozen decoys in ten minutes and collect them as fast as you can walk to each one. After your first time out tossing one dozen decoys at a time, you will never go back to the old ways.