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Guide Series 140' Longline with 18" Drops

Price: $47.04
Item Number: GS-140-18

Mainline is made from 100% nylon twine that is TARRED for added durability and years of use. The main line is #120 (approx. 3/16”) with a tensile strength that exceeds 1050 lbs. It is one continuous line. Each end is equipped with a longline clip to secure to the anchor. Tarred twine is rot proof and resistant to tangles, oil, gas and abrasion.

The drops are placed by you approximately 4-10 ft apart along the mainline and held securely by longline clips. Each Guide Series drop is precut, tied, and heat seared to prevent unraveling. The drops are approximately 18” or 36” long and constructed from the same Tarred #120 as the main line. Each drop also has a 5” Stainless Steel (NOT GALVANIZED) longline clip with 6/0 swivel. Each clip is securely tied to each drop and mainline. This is the best longline clip on the market today. It offers a secure bite on the main line and long enough to clip on/off while wearing gloves in the frigid late season water.

As a suggested setup...We typically allocate the first and last 20' of the mainline to anchor depth.  With the balance in the middle, you will be able to clip 12 decoys with approximately 5' separation on a 90' mainline and 10' separation on a 140' mainline.  If you need more anchor depth then a the 20', we will use 25' anchor extensions from a spool to reach the necessary depth in the water we are hunting.