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About Doctari Longlines

For over 15 years now, we have been supplying the diehard duck hunters around the world with the best and most economical decoy longline system on the market. Doctari Longlines began primarily by necessity. With a desire to improve upon our homemade longlines using whatever line we could find and various fishing clips, we scoured the market in hopes of finding a resource dedicated to our pursuit. We quickly realized there was no one out there except a very small community of open water diver and sea duck hunters willing to share their experiences.

Knowing that everyone else was also looking, we decided to develop a product that will exceed everyone’s needs and still be cost effective. Combined with our experience and that of some of the most veteran open water hunters around the US and Canada, we narrowed the best type of clips and line for the job. Unfortunately, every line we purchased had some shortcomings so with the cooperation of a rope manufacturer; we designed our own to the specs we wanted. Longline Clips also brought a new challenge as not all clips are created equal. Years of field testing has brought us to the finest aluminum clips and accessories we use today.

Over the years we have added additional products and will continue do so. Every effort will be made to insure a successful hunt and allow those that want to create specialized rigs the best supplies to do so.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can offer to make your purist easier.

Scott Wisniewski, Owner
Doctari Longlines